Jethro first arrived on Earth last century, landing in a new-town in southern England. A fascination with nature, particularly the ocean and it’s fauna and flora, pattern, process and the universe have persisted into his adult life and continuing artistic endeavours.  

Hands on drawing and making are at the core of Jethro's approach to the illustration and model making activities he undertakes. Whether it is typography, detailed psychedelic and surreal models, sculpture, art-direction, jewellery or underwater photography, he is always interested in discovering and trying new methods and techniques to facilitate his creative output for clients and himself. 

Although primarily self-taught, Jethro used his time studying general art and design, fashion, screen-printing and animation to expand his understanding of materials and processes, as well as developing other creative skills and his unique style.

His commercial work has been commissioned for a wide variety of purposes and clients worldwide. 

Jethro has been involved in various exhibitions including the Villa Manuela ‘Forbidden Archeology’ show, Madrid 2016. All three skateboard related ’Side Effects of Urethane’ shows in London -  ‘The Side Effects of Urethane’ 2001 - 'Moving Units’ 2004 and 'A Surface In Between' 2005. As well as ’Temporary Whims’ in Falmouth 2013. He has also had several solo shows including ‘Celestial Anomalies’ at the House of Vans, London 2015, and ‘Hoard’ and ‘Flotsam & Jetsam’ at The Wayward Gallery, London 2012.